Student Writing: A Me Vacation

A “Me Vacation” sounds like a wonderful idea.

What do you think?


My friend Terri and I were chatting on the phone over the weekend–and she told me that every year she takes a vacation by herself…

…”A Me vacation,” as she puts it. Spending some time alone or with friends clears her head and invigorates her, and she returns home to her hubby happier and changed, she says.  One year, she went to a lighthouse hostel for $25; next, she visited a friend in Florida; last year, she booked one night in a hotel room right in downtown Atlanta, 25 minutes from home.   “I love that vacations by myself don’t have to be overly planned or fussy,” she said. “I set the pace and go for it.” 

This year she wants to take a class for a week in North Carolina and she would like for me to join her, it sounds really great.  I am seriously thinking that is the kind of…

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