Cool New Class at St. Kate’s: Interactive Marketing: Social Networks, Multimedia, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Given that I love social media and teaching, I’m excited to launch a new course at St. Catherine University spring semester:  Interactive Marketing:  Social Networks, Multimedia, and SEO.

This class is open to both traditional Day as well as Weekend college students. It meets on Tuesday nights from 6-9:30 pm. I guarantee no one will be bored.

Interactive Marketing: Social Networks, Multimedia, and SEO examines Internet marketing activities used by all industries in for-profit and non-profit models to advertise their brand, interact with customers, and ultimately convert searchers into buyers. This course focuses on four fundamental areas of interactive marketing:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), multimedia technologies such as graphic design, audio and video production; social networks, and mobile computing.

This course is built on experiential education where by students work on real world projects for actual clients. Using a combination of current digital marketing theory, guest speakers from various interactive marketing specialty areas, and practical exercises; students will:

In this course students will: 

  • Compete in the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC)  with a small, local organization
  • Become Google Adword Certified
  • Conceive and produce a 5-8 minute podcast
  • Develop a video in conjunction with Shout Out St. Kate’s Day (March 7, 2013)
  • Master GarageBand and iMovie
  • Get a taste of graphic design with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Learn and apply the latest in social media theory and mobile applications

Course Goals:

1. Understand the fundamental concepts of written, spoken, and visual social media technologies

2. Produce social media in a multitude of formats

3. Identify and articulate the business value of social media

4. Assess social and mobile trends for organizational applicability

5. Analyze and recommend appropriate media for a variety marketing situations

6. Optimize and understand internet search methodologies

7. Identify fair use of copyrighted materials and intellectual property rules

NOTE:  This is a small, technology intensive class. There are only a few spots left. If you are interested, please register today. And please do contact me with questions.

Student Comments

8 thoughts on “Cool New Class at St. Kate’s: Interactive Marketing: Social Networks, Multimedia, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  1. What a fabulous curriculum! Coming from the real world, I can’t tell you how valuable this training is. Great job. Let us know if we can help! (Keep us in mind for future interns as well. Sydney is the best!)

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