Post-Yoga Creativity, Vine, and Teaching

My post yoga day

This morning I wrote about my need for yoga and my tendency to not go if I get too busy. Today I practiced and it paid dividends. I came home to write a pop quiz for my MKTG 2350 students and devise a new assignment for them involving Vine and blogging.

It’s the 2nd week of class–many of my students are new to blogging or at least new to WordPress. They’ve posted videos, hyperlinked text, cataloged, tagged, and written posts; but none of this is really facile yet. Hence their extra credit assignment outlined below.

We wrote the assignment description collaboratively in class on our private class blog and posted it with an embedded Tweet of one of my Vine videos. Then we pitched it to our University MarComm department. Check back next Thursday on Twitter and Vine for the #M2350 hashtag.

What do you think? Does this sound educational and interesting?

Extra Credit (5 points)

Two Options:

1) You have an Apple Mobile Device

iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch (probably newer, such as a 4 or 5)

Open a Vine account.
Shoot a Vine video about St. Kate’s
Post it to Vine — ideally also post to Twitter
Tag it #M2350 and @stkate

2) You don’t.

a) Write a very short (~100 words) blog post entitled Extra Credit: Vine etc.

What should you write about?  Vine News and/or post a someone else’s Vine to your blog. Tag it #M2350 and @stkate.

What chickens sound like when let out of their coop #joy

— Sara Kerr (@Saralitta) February 13, 2013

b) Collaborate with someone who has an Apple mobile device.

DUE:  Next Thursday, February 21st at Noon


• It’s relevant to all social media
• It’s great marketing for who? St. Kate’s, Vine, YOU!

• It’s great preparation for Shout Out St. Kate’s Day

• It helps establish student expertise in social media
• It’s fun!
• Extra Credit is Good!

• It showcases the new Sales and Social Media lab

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