6789077586_6b476299e2_q Shout it out! Show your pride! Be a Katie!

Thursday is Shout Out St. Kate’s Day. My students wrote, produced, starred in and generally lived and breathed the topic since early February. They’ve had one month to learn the public relations value of this event and contribute their own creativity to the effort.

What did they learn?

  • Using events to create publicity (A Tweet Up at the Mall of America)
  • Encouraging and involving stakeholders (How would students envision and publicize the video contest?)
  • Communicating goals and important dates (When were the videos due?)
  • Being flexible to the external environment (Vine is only 5 weeks, old, after all!)

My Students’ Work


YouTube: (more to come)

Shout Out to the Katie Nation

A Day in the Life of  a “Katie”

Shout Out Saint Kate’s Day 2013

The Commuter Experience

2 responses to “Shout Out St. Kate’s Day: Teaching New Media with the Pride of Public Relations”

  1. Leah Zins Avatar

    Sara – I love these videos! How great to be able to use such a new and cool thing, too (Vine!). Way to go!

    1. Sara Geneva Noreau Kerr Avatar

      Thanks!! More videos to come. Tuesdays snowstorm messed us up…

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