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Travel = Museums

IMG_4549When I was 16 I wanted to see the Mona Lisa, in person. Travel means art museums. At home, like many people, I forget what’s in my backyard. Thankfully the Minneapolis Institute of Arts just send me a few emails reminding me of their new exhibit, Italian Style:  Fashion Since 1945.

Fantastic marketers, the MIA employs direct marketing via email and social media, such as their Facebook page and videos, to remind art lovers to visit. Getting there is only part of the marketing journey; consider the brochures, catalogs, and signage one encounters at a museum, as well. In fact, I have rather large box of postcards from museums I’ve visited all over the world.

Art in Your Backyard

Yesterday, I took my marketing communications students to the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery yesterday to understand the role of artists statements as supplemental media. In preparation, they read two different perspectives on this type of writing:

And then wrote their own about Adé Bethune: The Power of One Person and the Great Mother of Islam.

The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery is free and open every day. Plan your visit, soon.

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Okay that’s what I should be doing — 3 down and 1 that’s almost perfect. But I needed a screen break, so I’m sharing my acting debut with you.

I hope you watch it. As videos go it’s a little long at 2 minutes 15 seconds….but it showcases the humor and passion of some of my amazing colleagues:

“Poundsign Get Back to Work” —  Provost, Dr. Colleen Hegranes

“Hashtag Do you have time to chat?” —  COO, Dr. Brian Bruess

“Hashtag Great Minnesota Get Together” —  Vice President, Bea Abdallah

“Hashtag Wiggity Wiggity Wildcats ” —  Athletic Director, Eric Stacey

“Hashtag Sassy Lassie Trivia” — Associate Director of Student Activities, Brigette Marty

Kudos to the St. Kate’s MarComm team for the idea and making back to school hashtag fun.

My acting debut:  376 views


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I hate chicken blogs.  Not cooking chicken, but raising chickens-for-eggs blogs. Google that and you’ll find 745,00 blog posts. And yes, mine are amongst them. Yes. I have TWO chicken blogs. One that no one reads and one that people love. The Daily Chicken tells the same story of baby chicks, stinky coops, and gorgeous eggs with photos (and a few words now and then).

Sometimes the baby chicks cluck on Vine, too.

The Daily Chicken

My interactive marketing students at St. Kate’s are done with chickens. However, the girls taught my students that people don’t click on links on Facebook from a mobile device, but they do on Twitter regardless of the interface. And more importantly there’s more than one way to tell an engaging story.

In class tonight we’re looking at trends and tools to digitally tell a story. Here are a few of our resources. Enjoy!

2013 Trends from Adobe: http://success.adobe.com/assets/en/downloads/whitepaper/Adobe-Quarterly-Digital-Intelligence-Briefing-Digital-Trends-for-2013.pdf

Visual branding design basics from Hubspot, “Crash Course in Visual Content Creation:” http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/53/file-24953927-pdf/offers/design_it_yourself_the_marketers_crash_course_in_visual_content_creation.pdf?t=1364179930000

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Developing creative strategies is my students’ most difficult assignment in Integrated Marketing Communications. Learning that tactics are not strategies is much harder than finding an audacious or at least original idea.

We begin with goals and translate them into ideas and strategies. Sometimes we simply play with taglines and work backwards to see what they have in common. Invariably, we examine what other people are doing to map the process and see the difference between strategies and tactics.

Here’s a great example.

Marketing Goal:  Get more customers

Communications Goals:  Differentiate this business from its competitors

Creative Strategies:

  • Showcase the CEO’s humor
  • Arouse the curiosity of potential customers
  • Begin your own story
  • Make this business distinct from its competitors


  • Quick and funny video series with the CEO

  • Visual vs. text heavy homepage designed for the target market


  • Transform the idea of purchase into “writing your own story”

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“Integrated Marketing Communications?–What does that mean?” The easiest way to explain this to first year students is to show them first and then present the theory and terminology. Last fall I introduced class with (Re)Think, a Canadian breast cancer charity. The group’s work impressed me, but my students–the target market–were underwhelmed. Recently I chatted with my friend Melissa Berggren about (Re)Think videos. I think we both agree that they convey an important message, but now I’m curious about their segmentation strategies.

Does this campaign miss the target market (young women under 40)?

What does “young” mean? I’m over 40 and inured to pink ribbons and races for the cure, so I like (Re)Think’s approach.

What do YOU think?

Reblogged from the (private) class blog for Integrated Marketing Communications at St. Catherine University

The problem:  Women (and men) get breast cancer. Everyone should check their breasts regularly–but they don’t.

Creative concept:

We are the young women’s breast cancer movement.

Launched in 2001, Rethink is the first-ever, Canadian breast cancer charity to bring bold, relevant awareness to the under-40 crowd; foster a new generation of young and influential breast cancer supporters; infuse sass and style into the cause; and, most importantly, respond to the unique needs of young (or youngish) women going through it.

No pink ribbons required.

How We (Re)think

Adios fear-based campaigns and blanket support programs. We think young people deserve their own breast cancer movement.

Select Media: 

Website : rethinkbreastcancer.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/RethinkBreastCancer


Twitter:  @rethinktweet

Mobile App:  Your Man Reminder rethink app

Video Example:

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6789077586_6b476299e2_q Shout it out! Show your pride! Be a Katie!

Thursday is Shout Out St. Kate’s Day. My students wrote, produced, starred in and generally lived and breathed the topic since early February. They’ve had one month to learn the public relations value of this event and contribute their own creativity to the effort.

What did they learn?

  • Using events to create publicity (A Tweet Up at the Mall of America)
  • Encouraging and involving stakeholders (How would students envision and publicize the video contest?)
  • Communicating goals and important dates (When were the videos due?)
  • Being flexible to the external environment (Vine is only 5 weeks, old, after all!)

My Students’ Work


YouTube: (more to come)

Shout Out to the Katie Nation

A Day in the Life of  a “Katie”

Shout Out Saint Kate’s Day 2013

The Commuter Experience

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My integrated marketing communications students write amazing blogs about advertising, communications, social media, and our local business landscape. Below is a stunning excerpt analyzing a series of videos from our local company, Best Buy.


Post #4: Best Buy– Where You Can Exchange Stuff or Change the World.

My overall impression of this commercial was dashed by the poor advertisement at the end, but all of the innovators featured in the commercial were things that I wanted to know more about so, of course, to the Internet I went. On YouTube, I immediately found the Best Buy channel, where all of their full-length commercials are archived. All of their “Future Innovators” are featured as well as the slightly older commercials “Mobile Innovators” (remember “we created Words with Friends”?). When you take the time to watch the longer features, they end with something so much more appropriate! “Making technology work for you,” “When the technology is right, anything can happen,” “A better way to a better world,” are all slogans that both identify and solve a consumer problem and create a significantly stronger ad campaign. See?

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